America Saves One Trillion with AHCA

Big Savings

The American Health Care Act that was just passed by Congress and awaiting approval in the Senate, would replace America’s health insurance system.
Supporters of this bill explain that it would lower premiums and give Americans more choice.

The exciting thing is that it guts ObamaCare taxes. The cuts amount to $1 trillion.

Here are some of the major taxes elected for cuts.

1. Prescription drug tax:

The reason Obama never came against the Pharmaceutical companies ridiculously high costs on their products, was because he was able to glean more taxes. This tax has driven up the price of Prescription Dugs, adding to their already high price. By eliminating this tax it is expected to bring down much of this cost to consumers. 25 Billion cut here.

2. Individual mandate tax:

The Republican led House bill would abolish this tax – which millions of Americans pay every year. According to HealthCare. gov, that translates to at least $695+ per adult. Instead, to protect the system and make [Read More…]