The objective of the Democratic Party is to cause confusion, speculation, derision and obstructionism to President Donald Trump’s Administration and to work extremely hard to bring him down or at least never allow him to advance the Conservative agenda or have Trump re-elected for an 8 year term.

media corruptThey stir up distractions, create narratives, hoping to cause doubts. Their bought-off Liberal News Agencies ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN and NEW YORK TIMES, WASHINGTON POST and all the myriad of Liberal think-tank rags have come together to destroy President Trump.

They don’t report the amazing things our Commander and Chief has been able to accomplish with our military, safety, economy, infrastructure, medicine, goods and services, international trade, the genius of his cabinet selection, his ability to not only get along with world leaders, but have them agree with him and admit they like him; the fact he doesn’t take a dime in service to our country.

George SorosThis Liberal machine sponsored by George Soros and his ilk and totally supported by Hollywood, who is also busy trying to mind-control the American public by their immoral shows pushing the LGBT agenda and making immoral sexual relations appear normal. America needs to wake up and shut their Liberal TV programs off to these progressive Socialists who want to seductively change the hearts and minds of every American citizen, putting their lives, happiness and health in danger.

Author: Diana Milligan