No evidence why investigate?

Stop and Think
If there is no evidence, why is there an investigation? Because the democrats think something could have happened?
Special Counsel Mueller needs to recuse himself or be fired and this spurious committee concocted to take down President Trump. It’s been over a year in investigations by Obama, NSA, CIA and FBI there has been absolutely no evidence to bring more investigations, yet they multiply. This is a huge waste of our tax-paying money and time.
We, as a nation deserve to have our needs met to protect and prosper our country unobstructed; this is why we voted for Donald Trump.
With that said, It is therefore our urgent cry to demand an investigation by Attorney General Jeff Sessions into the possible Democrat-coup attempt to bring down our President Donald J Trump by Mueller, Rosenstein and others. We further demand that the Attorney General investigate the Bill Clinton/Loretta Lynch meeting for possible obstruction of justice. We also demand an investigation into Hillary Clinton and her Uranium dealings with Russia and the millions she has received personally in her slush fund, the Clinton Foundation. Also, the Benghazi investigation to be brought about in clear light. Who ordered the “Stand Down!” And why?
Author: Ryan Milligan