comedy clubNever before in the history of the presidency has there ever been such openly ludicrous speech defaming an acting President. Speech that is calling for his death and allowed right now. Apparently it’s all right for comedians to be able to say what they want in regards to our President. These people can incite violence, they can suggest the White House be blown up, they can say they’d like to punch our President in the face, dreaming of burning down the White House, they can think it’s a joke with a gun and pretend to shoot our President in the head, they can do an execution play and dress the actor up as a Trump look-alike who gets killed, they can hold a bloody head that resembles our President. 

There’s a lot of vile hateful murderous talk going on out there under the guise of comedy. What sick putrid anti-America comedy!  Jackals that laugh are simply morons.
What political side is really the side of hate and filth?
Now, they holler that it’s free speech and because it’s all in humor, then it’s okay, it wasn’t malice.
Was it ok that stuff like this provoked that man who shot Rep. Steve Scalise; all the others and wanted to kill all the Republican Congressmen that he could?
Attorneys are now saying that as long as it’s a comedian talking or an actor who claimed that it was a humor, it doesn’t break any laws because it can’t be proven that they were actually inciting violence.
I think it’s time to establish a Federal law to protect our President from left-wing crazies who listen to these hate-provokers. It should be stated, “whereby any person who uses speech, regardless of their particular career, which incites or provokes the harm of our President, to be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”
Hate speech has got to stop and not be given the courtesy of Free Speech. To yell “Fire!” In a theater has always been unlawful, why?  Because it could cause harm. Whether it did or not.
Comedians, actors and professors need to watch their mouths or pay the price!