Mentally deranged Congresspersons calls the kettle black

Mentally incompetent congressI have to laugh when I hear that 25 Democrats want to put up a bill in our Congress that states our President is mentally deranged and should be impeached. Yet, these same people think nothing concerning men who actually believe they are women, as being normal. Are they nuts?

It is getting very clear that it’s black and white when it comes to the Democrats verses the Republicans.
The Democrats want Globalism, which means a One-World Government. Very Biblical actually. That’s how the Antichrist will rule the world.
Seeing their platform just proves what kind of character these people have.
1.  Killing unborn innocent babies up through the 9th month of pregnancy at the will of the mother.
2.  They believe it’s quite alright to mutilate oneself by cutting off their sex organs, if they feel like they aren’t the right sex.
3. They want to take all our guns away, thinking the tool is the one killing. What about Chicago which had the toughest gun laws in the nation and the highest crime?
4. They want to keep serial killers alive after they butchered their prey.
5. They want higher and higher taxes that shut down businesses and cost people their jobs.
6. They want everyone to have free health care and do not care who pays for it. They want a Welfare society.
7. They host filthy parades of homosexuals and vagina hats, with filthy language, clothing and actions in front of their children.
8. They get illegals to vote and lie about it.
9. They want all illegals to come into our country, bringing in incurable TB and other horrible diseases unchecked. 10. They want to pay for illegals medical, housing and college, while untold hundreds of thousands of our own citizens are homeless.
11. They are using the Media and Hollywood to spew their lies and fake made-up news. 12. They want men to be allowed to go into bathrooms where little girls are in.
13. They want to get rid of the 10 Commandments.
14. They want to revise our Constitution.
15. They push Communistic and Socialistic teaching in our colleges and universities.
16. They want to cut the Defense in our country and make us vulnerable to any defiant nation and ISIS.
17. In their speeches they commonly cuss and use filthy dialogue, yet say our President is not a gentleman.
18. They want Muslims to be able to have Shari’ah Law and yet kick Christianity out of the schools.
19. They change our history books, making it appear that our Founding Fathers were cruel and perverts.
20.  They infiltrate our schools with New Age, Theories taught as fact and False Global Warming teaching.
21. They ignore all the illegal things Hillary and her party has gotten away with, but constantly bring up suppositions against our President with absolutely no proof. 22. They accept money from countries that hurt women, yet say they are for women.
23. They say they are for homosexuals, yet support the very people cutting homosexuals heads off.
The list goes on and on. Anyone who professes to be a Democrat is either ignorant or very evil. There is no if, ands or buts.
It is the Party of Greed, laziness, filth, murder and lunacy. It is not the Party of JFK anymore. It has been sabotaged by the likes of George Soros and his Neo-Communist Agenda.
Author: Diana Milligan
Mentally deranged congress people