It is amazing what the mainstream media can create!

Statue fear

The media has an amazing amount of control over the American society as a whole! What we have seen the last few days has been completely concocted by the nightly news of the major and local news media. People have to start getting their news from somewhere else! People are being manipulated because we as humans have an addictive drive towards bad news. People have to break away and enjoy this beautiful world we live in and appreciate the good things in people. Get away from the negativity of the Mainstream News media’s plan to break us apart, instead we need to join together and teach them a lesson by NOT watching their programs anymore. Hit where it hurts… their advertising clientele. I am not saying a complete boycott but if their viewership tanks their advertisers will go elsewhere.

Let’s teach these slimeballs a lesson! Turn off the TV!

The advertisers are wasting their money anyways. Everybody Tvo’s or DVRs their shows and fast forwards through commercials don’t they?

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