I’ll tell you why Madonna and Johnny Depp haven’t been arrested

Have you been wonder why these Hollywood actors are not getting arrested for threatening the President of the United States and inciting violence? Have you noticed the vitriol coming out of Hollywood? We see it in Washington with politicians all of the time, maybe not to the extreme we have seen it lately out of Hollywood. madonnaIt started off with Madonna stating she dreamed about blowing up the White House, then we had Snoop Dog acting like he’s shooting the President ina music video, then Kathy Griffen holding up a severed head to represent our president. Adam Pauly threatens Trump saying he would like to assassinate the President. Robert DeniroRobert Deniro stating he wants to punch our President in the face. (Who says that without getting their butt kicked????)
We have a nut case liberal attempting a failed massacre at a public park where Republican congressmen are practicing baseball.
johnny-depp-pirateNow we have Johnny Depp saying an actor should assassinate our President.


These are all failing career minded people. They are seeing their futures and fortunes slipping away through their fingers.
They are looking for publicity.
Their managers and Political advisors are advising them to create shock to the public with the hope that they will finally get arrested. Can you imagine the public outcry when our Secret Service broke through the doors of Madonna’s house and arrested her? Remember these people have made a life out of pretending to be somebody else.
How much are they being paid by the DNC to act?

They want to be arrested to create a new headline to bring the attention away from Donald Trump’s accomplishments. The Russia story is fading and they must change the dialog because they are appearing almost borderline insane pushing something without evidence.

If their plan worked, the new Headline would be “The Trump Administration Stifles Free Speech by Arresting our Public Icons” (even though it is not covered when speaking about our President). The press would go wild! President Trumps knows a few things about publicity.

He is not going to feed into their plans by having them arrested. He easily could if he wanted. He’s ordering the Secret Service to STAND DOWN. This is really upsetting and emboldening Hollywood’s elite. This is going to cost the DNC and the elite a small fortune to keep it up.

Be prepared to keep hearing more and more, but know one thing. These people are professionals for pretending to be someone they are not for a paycheck! President Trump knows exactly what he is doing!

Author: Ryan Milligan


After heavy deliberation and hacking of the system, using the most advanced technology, we were able to decipher what President Trump’s tweet covfefe stood for.

Election Fraud


Tiger needs a new caddy

We don’t generally post these types of memes, but this one was hilarious! You’d think with the money this poor guys has he’d have at least one friend to call to help him out! Just goes to show, no matter how much fame you have or how much money you have there is nothing more valuable than a friend!
Tiger Woods Needs a new Caddy

Weiner pleads guilty


Anthony Weiner, (you know, the guy that ended up with all of the Highly classified emails that Hillary was responsible for), plead guilty today of sexting a young girl. It appears he might get years in prison.

Friday Weiner agreed not to appeal any sentence between 21 and 27 months in prison. Being labeled a Life time Sex Offender will be mandated for Weiner to have to bear, so said the judge.

weiner is a weiner

After a 15-year-old North Carolina girl told a tabloid news site that she and Weiner had exchanged lewd messages for several months, the FBI in September, began investigating. She also accused him of asking her to undress on camera. During the investigation of his laptop, it led to the discovery of tremendous amounts of Classified government emails from Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to her aide Huma Abedin, Weiner’s wife. The former congressman is expected to enter the plea Friday, after a law enforcement official said former US Rep. Anthony Weiner plead guilty to a charge of transferring obscene material to a minor.

Author: Diana Milligan