Compel F.B.I. Release All Hillary Clinton’s Personal Records with Email Investigation

Created by R.D. on August 29, 2017

David M. Hardy, FBI records section chief,  told Ty Clevenger, that he sufficiently demonstrated that the public’s interest in disclosing (Hillary’s FBI records relating to her personal secret server email investigation) outweighed personal privacy interests. With this petition, we will show the Executive branch that there is more than enough public interest in releasing all FBI records pertaining to this case. Hillary Clinton was protected by former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey during the email “investigation”. Hillary has continued to echo Russian interference in the 2016 election and releasing these records should help clear the air on this matter. President Trump should compel the FBI to release to the public all records related to this investigation.



TRAITOR MCCAIN at it again-

Traitor McCain

After the supposed surgery that gained him sympathy, John McCain came back to upset the Republican’s latest attempt to repeal the Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Though popularity to come against this bill has risen from 51% to 58%.  It’s actually coming from the DEMOCRATS and supposedly McCain is a suppose to be a Republican.  What in the World?

According to a new Gallup Poll, released Lately,  Senator McCain’s approval by DEMOCRATS has risen to 71% by all reports subjectively. This came after he voted against the Senate’s ObamaCare repeal bill.

McCain, Soros, Clinton-Linked

Soros McCainIt has been discovered that Sen. John McCain turned over nearly $9 million of campaign funds to a foundation called  the McCain Institute for International Leadership.
This institute is suppose to be dedicated to helping human rights, dignity, democracy and freedom.  It is a tax-exempt non-profit foundation associated with Arizona State University.
McCain corrupt
This presents a serious conflict of interest for McCain, found out by the The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group.
McCain, is presently chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services.
Within this foundation’s “Sedona Forum”, bears an uncanny resemblance to the glitzy Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) that annually co-mingled special interests and powerful political players in alleged pay-to-play schemes.
The institute has received contributions of as much as $100,000 from billionaire liberal activist-funder George Soros and from Teneo, a former co-founder with Bill Clinton’s in a now defunct foundation.
Soros corrupt
Bloomberg reported in 2016 on a $1 million Saudi Arabian donation to the McCain’s institute, a contribution the McCain group has refused to explain publicly.
The McCain group has also accepted at least $100,000 from the Pivotal Foundation, which was created by Francis Najafi who owns the Pivotal Group, a private equity and real estate firm.
The Pivotal Foundation has in the last three years given $205,000 to the National Iranian-American Council (NIAC), which has been a vocal advocate for the Iranian nuclear deal the Obama administration negotiated.  Very interesting!
NIAC demanded in May 2017 that President Donald Trump and officials in his administration “cease questioning the integrity of a (nuclear) deal.”
The NIAC is Iran’s lobbyists in Washington.
“This is a very real conflict of interest,” Craig Holman,states, a government affairs lobbyist.
The institute’s donations suggest to contradict McCain’s push for human rights and national security.
It accepted more than $100,000 from OCP, S.A., a Moroccan state-owned phosphate company that has since occupied the region by force in defiance of U.N. resolutions and legal declarations by other international bodies.
Morocco has come under criticism from human rights groups.
The King of Morocco was a major donor to the Clinton Foundation. Hillary Clinton personally accepted $12 million from the King in return for holding a CGI regional meeting in the country.
OCP also was a major sponsor of the CGI meeting, and Bill Clinton was the featured speaker.
The Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice has charged OCP with “serious human rights violations,” including exploitation of workers by not “adequately compensating the impoverished people who live there.”
McCain has lavished effusive praise on the King of Morocco, saying in 2011, that the country was a “positive example to governments across the Middle East and North Africa.”
McCain and Soros reportedly became friends after the senator was exposed as a member of the “Keating Five” during the savings and loan (S&L) industry scandal during former President George H.W. Bush’s administration. As the S&L bank chairman, Charles Keating paid $1.3 million to bribe five members of Congress to interfere with government regulators on behalf of the savings bank.
The experience so scarred McCain that he became a vigorous advocate of campaign finance reform and in the process reportedly became friends with Soros.
The institute did not respond to requests for the dollar amounts of its high donors, when the donations were made and if there were strings attached to the contributions, claiming it did not have any of the information.
Do we say, Conflict of Interest is the least of McCain’s dealings?
Author: Diana Milligan

GOP establishment colluding with Democrats?

Judge Jeanine

In one of her most amazing rants yet, Judge Jeanine Pirro slams the establishment GOP members that she says is facilitating the removal of our President. She goes into questioning why there isn’t massive investigations going on right now with Benghazi or Fast and Furious or Clinton and the tarmac, or donations to the Clinton Foundation and correlations with State department recommendations with timelines that are blatant! She questions why the GOP has controlling power but does not act like it or take advantage of their current power. Are they colluding with the democrats with silence? Shouldn’t they be everywhere sticking up for the President from this attack from the media and Hollywood? Jeanine does a great job pointing out these facts! Watch the video and share with your friends, these “rhinos” need to be exposed.

Author: Ryan Milligan