I’ll tell you why Madonna and Johnny Depp haven’t been arrested

Have you been wonder why these Hollywood actors are not getting arrested for threatening the President of the United States and inciting violence? Have you noticed the vitriol coming out of Hollywood? We see it in Washington with politicians all of the time, maybe not to the extreme we have seen it lately out of … Continue reading I’ll tell you why Madonna and Johnny Depp haven’t been arrested

McCain, Soros, Clinton-Linked

It has been discovered that Sen. John McCain turned over nearly $9 million of campaign funds to a foundation called  the McCain Institute for International Leadership. This institute is suppose to be dedicated to helping human rights, dignity, democracy and freedom.  It is a tax-exempt non-profit foundation associated with Arizona State University. This presents a … Continue reading McCain, Soros, Clinton-Linked

No evidence why investigate?

If there is no evidence, why is there an investigation? Because the democrats think something could have happened? Special Counsel Mueller needs to recuse himself or be fired and this spurious committee concocted to take down President Trump. It's been over a year in investigations by Obama, NSA, CIA and FBI there has been absolutely … Continue reading No evidence why investigate?

GOP establishment colluding with Democrats?

In one of her most amazing rants yet, Judge Jeanine Pirro slams the establishment GOP members that she says is facilitating the removal of our President. She goes into questioning why there isn't massive investigations going on right now with Benghazi or Fast and Furious or Clinton and the tarmac, or donations to the Clinton … Continue reading GOP establishment colluding with Democrats?

Top 11 “NEWS” items from Comey today

Top 11 things we learned from Comey today: 1. There is no Russia story with the Trump Campaign, Democrats who continue to bring it up will appear insane. 2. Loretta Lynch put pressure on Comey to cover for presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. 3. Russia did not alter the election results. 4. Trump never colluded with Russia. 5. Comey … Continue reading Top 11 “NEWS” items from Comey today


1) The US must drastically reduce its emissions now, but China and India, the biggest polluters in the world, can continually increase their emissions to 2030 at which time they may or may not agree to comply with the agreement. 2) India, before it makes up it's mind, demands to be paid 2.5 trillion dollars. … Continue reading WHAT DID PRESIDENT TRUMP STOP REGARDING THE PARIS CLIMATE AGREEMENT


After heavy deliberation and hacking of the system, using the most advanced technology, we were able to decipher what President Trump's tweet covfefe stood for. Clinton Obama Voter Fraud Emails Filegate Election Fraud


The Liberal Newspapers, like the New York Times, Washington Post, Washington Examiner, USA Today, McClatchy Newspapers and most large city syndications are extremely Liberal and have turned into nothing but Tabloids like Enquirer, The Globe, Starr in your local grocery store. They are full of fake non-investigative journalism and comments that are full of conspiracy … Continue reading NEWSPAPERS OR JUST RAGS?

Tiger needs a new caddy

We don't generally post these types of memes, but this one was hilarious! You'd think with the money this poor guys has he'd have at least one friend to call to help him out! Just goes to show, no matter how much fame you have or how much money you have there is nothing more … Continue reading Tiger needs a new caddy

Trump Addresses Saudi Arabia

Historical Trump Speech to the royalty of Saudi Arabia. This one is a must watch! Our leadership has turned into leading from the front. This is a true leadership role, anything else was an oxymoron. The Obama administration was proud of what they called leading from behind. Think of that for a second... Please enjoy … Continue reading Trump Addresses Saudi Arabia

Weiner pleads guilty

Anthony Weiner, (you know, the guy that ended up with all of the Highly classified emails that Hillary was responsible for), plead guilty today of sexting a young girl. It appears he might get years in prison. Friday Weiner agreed not to appeal any sentence between 21 and 27 months in prison. Being labeled a … Continue reading Weiner pleads guilty


The objective of the Democratic Party is to cause confusion, speculation, derision and obstructionism to President Donald Trump's Administration and to work extremely hard to bring him down or at least never allow him to advance the Conservative agenda or have Trump re-elected for an 8 year term. They stir up distractions, create narratives, hoping … Continue reading FAKE NEWS AGENDA


It appears now that so-called sources are only reporters from the Washington Post, New York Times and all other Liberal News Papers, the Liberal TV News stations and Radio stations. Think about it, if by the Constitution, they do not have to give up their sources, what proves there was ever a source in the … Continue reading LEAKERS ARE THE REPORTER’S “LIES”

True Story (LOL)


Seems the former FBI director threw a “stick of dynamite” into the Department of Justice, and committed “atrocities” in his handling of the Clinton email saga, so said White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Accusations were denied that Trump put the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein up to recommending the firing. Sanders said, … Continue reading THE STICK OF DYNAMITE THAT COST COMEY HIS JOB

America Saves One Trillion with AHCA

The American Health Care Act that was just passed by Congress and awaiting approval in the Senate, would replace America’s health insurance system. Supporters of this bill explain that it would lower premiums and give Americans more choice. The exciting thing is that it guts ObamaCare taxes. The cuts amount to $1 trillion. Here are … Continue reading America Saves One Trillion with AHCA

Obamacare failing fast

There is no question that there needed to be some serious changes made to the serious changes caused by what is known as ObamaCare. Premiums are spiking all over the country at rates that are unprecedented. Originally the party that invoked this Healthcare bill 100% along party lines, promised rates to drop by $2500 per … Continue reading Obamacare failing fast


Republicans were able to pass the American Health Care Act presented in the House of Representatives on Thursday. This is a huge step in dismantling the Obama Health Care, so-called Affordable Health Care, which ended up not being true. It's been a struggle because the Democrats are staying partisan and refusing to vote for any … Continue reading AMERICAN HEALTH CARE ACT

Released from Egyptian Prison

US citizen, Aya Hijazi, a 30 year old humanitarian worker and her husband, Mohamed Hassanein and four other charity workers were released from an Egyptian prison during the first 100 days of the Trump Administration. They had been in prison since May 1, 2014. Did you hear about this on the news? This is an … Continue reading Released from Egyptian Prison

Trump Executive Orders

Want a list of President Trump's Executive orders since he has been president? Here you go, the Executive Orders in the first 100 days of Presidency: Jan. 20 Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies - The memorandum orders a freeze on all nonemergency regulations being registered pending review by the administration. Executive Order … Continue reading Trump Executive Orders