How Trump Presidency Fits Into the Latest Trends

PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMPThis site is devoted to our Commander-in-chief of the United States of America, Donald J Trump. As the editor of this site, I have been supporting the President since before he publicly announced his run for the presidency. My background is in Real Estate and I made a point of reading everything I could that was associated with President Trump, primarily due to his success and wealth of sound advise to the little people. I didn’t have time to watch many episodes of his hit TV show “The Apprentice”. Most people in the United States did however. Most opinions I hear on a day to day basis whether good or bad seems to revolve around the TV show. This site is designed to bring awareness to the Real Donald Trump. I will be be posting on a regular basis so, to keep updated, join our Facebook group page. If you love President Trump, Your going to love this site. If you hate President Trump… we’ll change your mind! If you are on the fence, we’ll bring you over with the facts. Do not rely on the Fake News Stations to get educated. Rely on us.

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First 100 days

1.) Originalist Supreme Court Justice
2.) Bringing Back Jobs
3.) Gutted Obama era regulations
4.) Ended War on coal
5.) Reduced illegal immigration
6.) Fighting back against Sanctuary Cities
7.) Drafted Plan to defeat ISIS
8.) Sanctioned Iran over Missile Program
9.) Responded to Syria’s use of chemical weapons
10.) Created task force to reduce crime
11.) Signed executive order to protect police officers
12.) Signed executive order to target drug cartels
13.) Able to Free US Citizen wrongly accused from Egypt

We will be highlighting the accomplishments of President Donald Trump in relation to his campaign promises. Never before in my lifetime have we seen a President so proactive in doing what he says he is going to do. This is an exciting time and we will be keeping track of it all! Comeback often, or follow us by joining our Facebook Group:

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