A Conversation with Ron

Ron Hannink discusses current political issues from his point of view. In this video Ron discusses the media and their disdain for President Trump. He goes over why he thinks the motivation from the media is for personal gain and the media no longer cares about America. He discusses that there is a war in America between President Trump and the media. CNN only cares about ratings. Joe Scarborough and Mika Burinski turn on Trump. Ron explains why.



comedy clubNever before in the history of the presidency has there ever been such openly ludicrous speech defaming an acting President. Speech that is calling for his death and allowed right now. Apparently it’s all right for comedians to be able to say what they want in regards to our President. These people can incite violence, they can suggest the White House be blown up, they can say they’d like to punch our President in the face, dreaming of burning down the White House, they can think it’s a joke with a gun and pretend to shoot our President in the head, they can do an execution play and dress the actor up as a Trump look-alike who gets killed, they can hold a bloody head that resembles our President. 

There’s a lot of vile hateful murderous talk going on out there under the guise of comedy. What sick putrid anti-America comedy!  Jackals that laugh are simply morons.
What political side is really the side of hate and filth?
Now, they holler that it’s free speech and because it’s all in humor, then it’s okay, it wasn’t malice.
Was it ok that stuff like this provoked that man who shot Rep. Steve Scalise; all the others and wanted to kill all the Republican Congressmen that he could?
Attorneys are now saying that as long as it’s a comedian talking or an actor who claimed that it was a humor, it doesn’t break any laws because it can’t be proven that they were actually inciting violence.
I think it’s time to establish a Federal law to protect our President from left-wing crazies who listen to these hate-provokers. It should be stated, “whereby any person who uses speech, regardless of their particular career, which incites or provokes the harm of our President, to be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”
Hate speech has got to stop and not be given the courtesy of Free Speech. To yell “Fire!” In a theater has always been unlawful, why?  Because it could cause harm. Whether it did or not.
Comedians, actors and professors need to watch their mouths or pay the price!

What is behind Hollywood’s attitude of the President?

I’ll tell you why Madonna and Johnny Depp haven’t been arrested

Have you been wonder why these Hollywood actors are not getting arrested for threatening the President of the United States and inciting violence? Have you noticed the vitriol coming out of Hollywood? We see it in Washington with politicians all of the time, maybe not to the extreme we have seen it lately out of Hollywood. madonnaIt started off with Madonna stating she dreamed about blowing up the White House, then we had Snoop Dog acting like he’s shooting the President ina music video, then Kathy Griffen holding up a severed head to represent our president. Adam Pauly threatens Trump saying he would like to assassinate the President. Robert DeniroRobert Deniro stating he wants to punch our President in the face. (Who says that without getting their butt kicked????)
We have a nut case liberal attempting a failed massacre at a public park where Republican congressmen are practicing baseball.
johnny-depp-pirateNow we have Johnny Depp saying an actor should assassinate our President.


These are all failing career minded people. They are seeing their futures and fortunes slipping away through their fingers.
They are looking for publicity.
Their managers and Political advisors are advising them to create shock to the public with the hope that they will finally get arrested. Can you imagine the public outcry when our Secret Service broke through the doors of Madonna’s house and arrested her? Remember these people have made a life out of pretending to be somebody else.
How much are they being paid by the DNC to act?

They want to be arrested to create a new headline to bring the attention away from Donald Trump’s accomplishments. The Russia story is fading and they must change the dialog because they are appearing almost borderline insane pushing something without evidence.

If their plan worked, the new Headline would be “The Trump Administration Stifles Free Speech by Arresting our Public Icons” (even though it is not covered when speaking about our President). The press would go wild! President Trumps knows a few things about publicity.

He is not going to feed into their plans by having them arrested. He easily could if he wanted. He’s ordering the Secret Service to STAND DOWN. This is really upsetting and emboldening Hollywood’s elite. This is going to cost the DNC and the elite a small fortune to keep it up.

Be prepared to keep hearing more and more, but know one thing. These people are professionals for pretending to be someone they are not for a paycheck! President Trump knows exactly what he is doing!

Author: Ryan Milligan



The objective of the Democratic Party is to cause confusion, speculation, derision and obstructionism to President Donald Trump’s Administration and to work extremely hard to bring him down or at least never allow him to advance the Conservative agenda or have Trump re-elected for an 8 year term.

media corruptThey stir up distractions, create narratives, hoping to cause doubts. Their bought-off Liberal News Agencies ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN and NEW YORK TIMES, WASHINGTON POST and all the myriad of Liberal think-tank rags have come together to destroy President Trump.

They don’t report the amazing things our Commander and Chief has been able to accomplish with our military, safety, economy, infrastructure, medicine, goods and services, international trade, the genius of his cabinet selection, his ability to not only get along with world leaders, but have them agree with him and admit they like him; the fact he doesn’t take a dime in service to our country.

George SorosThis Liberal machine sponsored by George Soros and his ilk and totally supported by Hollywood, who is also busy trying to mind-control the American public by their immoral shows pushing the LGBT agenda and making immoral sexual relations appear normal. America needs to wake up and shut their Liberal TV programs off to these progressive Socialists who want to seductively change the hearts and minds of every American citizen, putting their lives, happiness and health in danger.

Author: Diana Milligan



It appears now that so-called sources are only reporters from the Washington Post, New York Times and all other Liberal News Papers, the Liberal TV News stations and Radio stations.

Think about it, if by the Constitution, they do not have to give up their sources, what proves there was ever a source in the first place?

They have been proven false every time and once again today, making up false news that our president who dearly loves our country, gave classified information to the Russians.

Mainstream not reality

Now how would that help our military, who President Trump has proven over and over again that he highly loves? I’ll tell you who this helps. All this false news helps to weaken trust in the American people, it helps to discredit our president and it over shadows the myriad of successful promises fulfilled by our president.

But bigger than all that, these failing News outlets have been making all kinds of money spewing their garbage. People that watch these programs or read their papers or listen to their radio programs help to build these entities’ financial deep pockets and allow themselves to be duped by lying creepy people who call themselves reporters that are constantly throwing out false news.

media corrupt

They are nothing but liars and have no sources but themselves. Evidently, there is no proving anything anymore. All a reporter has to say is, “My source told me!” You can lie, defame and put our country in danger pretending to have a source, all for the almighty buck!

Main stream media - Brain Wash

Imagine if all I had to say was “An anonymous source has told me that they were present when Hillary Clinton pulled out a gun and shot the DNC staffer in Washington DC while driving by?” Hmmmm, How you prove that since the source was anonymous? You can’t. If you can not prove your story, your story should never be told… right? NOT the case with mainstream media! This crap needs to stop now!!!