It is amazing what the mainstream media can create!

Statue fear

The media has an amazing amount of control over the American society as a whole! What we have seen the last few days has been completely concocted by the nightly news of the major and local news media. People have to start getting their news from somewhere else! People are being manipulated because we as humans have an addictive drive towards bad news. People have to break away and enjoy this beautiful world we live in and appreciate the good things in people. Get away from the negativity of the Mainstream News media’s plan to break us apart, instead we need to join together and teach them a lesson by NOT watching their programs anymore. Hit where it hurts… their advertising clientele. I am not saying a complete boycott but if their viewership tanks their advertisers will go elsewhere.

Let’s teach these slimeballs a lesson! Turn off the TV!

The advertisers are wasting their money anyways. Everybody Tvo’s or DVRs their shows and fast forwards through commercials don’t they?


Falwell ‘Trump’s Bold Truthful’ Words On Charlottesville

Trump and Falwell

Our President Donald Trump has received a beautiful endorsement Wednesday from a very noted evangelical supporter, Jerry Falwell who is not turning his back on the president.

“Finally a leader in WH. Jobs returning, N Korea backing down, bold truthful stmt about #charlottesville tragedy.So proud of @realdonaldtrump,” Liberty University President Jerry Falwell

Because of the honesty and love voiced by President Trump, the liberal Media went on the attack.  Tuesday, Trump said both sides in the Charlottesville violence were to blame for letting unrest get out of hand.  This is so true. Yes, the White Suprematists are wrong, but they had a legal permit issued to them by the City Council to march. The other side didn’t and came armed with bats. Our President said both sides are guilty of hate. That’s the real issue here. HATE. Hate killed that girl. Hate brought bats to try and kill others who had different, albeit evil views. If anyone is to be shamed for the provocation, it would appear that it would be the City Council in Charlottesville. 

The answer isn’t taking up bats or pulling down statues. This is only the action of Fascism. The best way to come against the Radical White Supremacists are to ignore them. It cost a person their life and what did it gain?  It only brought more division as the result. 

Falwell is not the only major evangelical figure to support Trump.

On Sunday, amidst the liberal and RINO condemnation, Rev. Franklin Graham stood by him when he said these words:

“What about the politicians such as the city council who voted to remove a memorial that had been in place since 1924, regardless of the possible repercussions? How about the city politicians who issued the permit for the lawful demonstration to defend the statue? And why didn’t the mayor or the governor see that a powder keg was about to explode and stop it before it got started? Instead they want to blame President Donald J. Trump for everything,” 

Again Graham further stated these words: 

“Really, this boils down to evil in people’s hearts. Satan is behind it all. He wants division, he wants unrest, he wants violence and hatred. He’s the enemy of peace and unity. I denounce bigotry and racism of every form, be it black, white or any other. My prayer is that our nation will come together. We are stronger together, and our answers lie in turning to God,” 

Now there will be people coming against these Evangelists.

As Christians it is imperative to stay on the side of right and not fall for the plans and schemes of the Elite Globalist Media and their sheep that follow their lying News reports.

By-the-way, take note of any so-called Republican politicians that would say anything negative about Trump right now. They are exposing their true beliefs!  Vote them out!

1999 Trump Interview with Tim Russert

Donald Trump is interviewed by Tim Russert in 1999 regarding North Korea’s role in Nuclear proliferation. He is adamant that you must stop the possibility of a Nuclear Korea NOW! This is amazing, and you won’t see this on the mainstream media. Share this to every one you know! As Trump says, If a man comes up to you in a street in Washington and puts a gun to your head, wouldn’t you rather know where he’s coming from before he had the gun is hand? In a few years we will be having Nuclear weapons pointing at cities all over America” Once again, President Trump was right years ago!

See what Bill Clinton said about this deal in 1999 with North Korea Click Here!

A Conversation with Ron

Ron Hannink discusses current political issues from his point of view. In this video Ron discusses the media and their disdain for President Trump. He goes over why he thinks the motivation from the media is for personal gain and the media no longer cares about America. He discusses that there is a war in America between President Trump and the media. CNN only cares about ratings. Joe Scarborough and Mika Burinski turn on Trump. Ron explains why.

AMAC files complaint against CNN to FCC for fake news

cnn liesWith all of the excitement lately and high viewerships from “fake news” CNN has forgotten about the role that the Federal Communications Commission has with oversight responsibility.  With their charge, the FCC is to ensure that all licensed users always be truthful. The AMAC (Association of Mature American Citizens) has filed a complaint with the FCC that CNN is spreading fake news and confusing it’s viewership. The nail in the coffin on this one is that one of CNN’s own producer is on video admitting the Russian Collusion story fake news story is for ratings. I am going to enjoy every minute of this case!

As Written By Ian Mason for Breitbart: 

The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC), the leading conservative seniors’ organization in the country, filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Thursday over CNN’s reporting on Russian hacking.

In the light of hidden camera videos from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas showing a CNN producer calling the narrative “bulls***,” and CNN Contributor Van Jones’s characterization of the Russia “collusion” story as a “nothing burger,” AMAC has brought a complaint under FCC regulations against the knowing broadcast of false information.

AMAC President Dan Weber, in a press release accompanying the filing of the complaint, said:

[I]t became clear CNN personnel are violating FCC rules by ‘knowingly broadcasting false information.’ It is the FCC’s chartered duty to prevent broadcasters from knowingly airing false information, and that’s why I am filing a formal complaint with the agency.

I further call on all Americans concerned with the preservation of truth and civil, democratic discourse to join me and the Association of Mature American Citizens by filing their own complaints with the FCC.

AMAC, on Friday, kept up its attack on CNN, drawing attention to the recent resignations and retractions at the network. The organization claims over one million members who will receive the call to join in the complaint campaign…….


I’ll tell you why Madonna and Johnny Depp haven’t been arrested

Have you been wonder why these Hollywood actors are not getting arrested for threatening the President of the United States and inciting violence? Have you noticed the vitriol coming out of Hollywood? We see it in Washington with politicians all of the time, maybe not to the extreme we have seen it lately out of Hollywood. madonnaIt started off with Madonna stating she dreamed about blowing up the White House, then we had Snoop Dog acting like he’s shooting the President ina music video, then Kathy Griffen holding up a severed head to represent our president. Adam Pauly threatens Trump saying he would like to assassinate the President. Robert DeniroRobert Deniro stating he wants to punch our President in the face. (Who says that without getting their butt kicked????)
We have a nut case liberal attempting a failed massacre at a public park where Republican congressmen are practicing baseball.
johnny-depp-pirateNow we have Johnny Depp saying an actor should assassinate our President.


These are all failing career minded people. They are seeing their futures and fortunes slipping away through their fingers.
They are looking for publicity.
Their managers and Political advisors are advising them to create shock to the public with the hope that they will finally get arrested. Can you imagine the public outcry when our Secret Service broke through the doors of Madonna’s house and arrested her? Remember these people have made a life out of pretending to be somebody else.
How much are they being paid by the DNC to act?

They want to be arrested to create a new headline to bring the attention away from Donald Trump’s accomplishments. The Russia story is fading and they must change the dialog because they are appearing almost borderline insane pushing something without evidence.

If their plan worked, the new Headline would be “The Trump Administration Stifles Free Speech by Arresting our Public Icons” (even though it is not covered when speaking about our President). The press would go wild! President Trumps knows a few things about publicity.

He is not going to feed into their plans by having them arrested. He easily could if he wanted. He’s ordering the Secret Service to STAND DOWN. This is really upsetting and emboldening Hollywood’s elite. This is going to cost the DNC and the elite a small fortune to keep it up.

Be prepared to keep hearing more and more, but know one thing. These people are professionals for pretending to be someone they are not for a paycheck! President Trump knows exactly what he is doing!

Author: Ryan Milligan

No evidence why investigate?

Stop and Think
If there is no evidence, why is there an investigation? Because the democrats think something could have happened?
Special Counsel Mueller needs to recuse himself or be fired and this spurious committee concocted to take down President Trump. It’s been over a year in investigations by Obama, NSA, CIA and FBI there has been absolutely no evidence to bring more investigations, yet they multiply. This is a huge waste of our tax-paying money and time.
We, as a nation deserve to have our needs met to protect and prosper our country unobstructed; this is why we voted for Donald Trump.
With that said, It is therefore our urgent cry to demand an investigation by Attorney General Jeff Sessions into the possible Democrat-coup attempt to bring down our President Donald J Trump by Mueller, Rosenstein and others. We further demand that the Attorney General investigate the Bill Clinton/Loretta Lynch meeting for possible obstruction of justice. We also demand an investigation into Hillary Clinton and her Uranium dealings with Russia and the millions she has received personally in her slush fund, the Clinton Foundation. Also, the Benghazi investigation to be brought about in clear light. Who ordered the “Stand Down!” And why?
Author: Ryan Milligan


GOP establishment colluding with Democrats?

Judge Jeanine

In one of her most amazing rants yet, Judge Jeanine Pirro slams the establishment GOP members that she says is facilitating the removal of our President. She goes into questioning why there isn’t massive investigations going on right now with Benghazi or Fast and Furious or Clinton and the tarmac, or donations to the Clinton Foundation and correlations with State department recommendations with timelines that are blatant! She questions why the GOP has controlling power but does not act like it or take advantage of their current power. Are they colluding with the democrats with silence? Shouldn’t they be everywhere sticking up for the President from this attack from the media and Hollywood? Jeanine does a great job pointing out these facts! Watch the video and share with your friends, these “rhinos” need to be exposed.

Author: Ryan Milligan

Top 11 “NEWS” items from Comey today

comey testifies

Top 11 things we learned from Comey today:

1. There is no Russia story with the Trump Campaign, Democrats who continue to bring it up will appear insane.

2. Loretta Lynch put pressure on Comey to cover for presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

3. Russia did not alter the election results.

4. Trump never colluded with Russia.

5. Comey was the leaker his own memo that he had in a “private” conversation with his boss knowing that it would be shared with the New York Times (I would fire anybody for doing that!)

6. According to James Comey, Trump did not obstruct justice.

7. There was more than enough evidence to put Hillary Clinton behind bars but Comey took upon himself to not to pursue any of it.

8. CNN and the the Mainstream media venues have been lying to it’s viewers and making things up this whole time.

9. Democrats no longer have the ammunition to yell “RUSSIA” every time Trump attempts to do something.

10. Trump was never under investigation.

11. The former head of our FBI considers himself to be a coward.

media corrupt

I have been perusing the websites this afternoon seeing what the mainstream media is saying about the Comey hearing today and as usual they keep a blind eye to the heavy issues and only mention the petty little things. Here is the New York Slimes headlines (did I mention they are failing):

James B. Comey, the former F.B.I. director, testified that President Trump and others in his administration lied when they said agents had lost confidence in Mr. Comey.

“Lordy, I hope there are tapes,” Mr. Comey said, referring to Mr. Trump’s suggestion that he may have recorded their conversations.

Mr. Comey revealed for the first time that he turned over memos about his conversations with Mr. Trump to the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III.

Mr. Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter to defend his father.

Author: Ryan Milligan


Fake News

The Liberal Newspapers, like the New York Times, Washington Post, Washington Examiner, USA Today, McClatchy Newspapers and most large city syndications are extremely Liberal and have turned into nothing but Tabloids like Enquirer, The Globe, Starr in your local grocery store.

They are full of fake non-investigative journalism and comments that are full of conspiracy theories and spew hate and lies against our President. They completely black out all the wonderful things he is doing to make America Great Again and capitalize on what food he eats, his weight, whether he spelled right, how much ice cream he eats. Come on, this has gotten completely ridiculous and they are proving to be hacks and not true independent journalist who should just be reporting true news.

I for one will not spend one cent promoting the garbage.


Author: Diana Milligan



The objective of the Democratic Party is to cause confusion, speculation, derision and obstructionism to President Donald Trump’s Administration and to work extremely hard to bring him down or at least never allow him to advance the Conservative agenda or have Trump re-elected for an 8 year term.

media corruptThey stir up distractions, create narratives, hoping to cause doubts. Their bought-off Liberal News Agencies ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN and NEW YORK TIMES, WASHINGTON POST and all the myriad of Liberal think-tank rags have come together to destroy President Trump.

They don’t report the amazing things our Commander and Chief has been able to accomplish with our military, safety, economy, infrastructure, medicine, goods and services, international trade, the genius of his cabinet selection, his ability to not only get along with world leaders, but have them agree with him and admit they like him; the fact he doesn’t take a dime in service to our country.

George SorosThis Liberal machine sponsored by George Soros and his ilk and totally supported by Hollywood, who is also busy trying to mind-control the American public by their immoral shows pushing the LGBT agenda and making immoral sexual relations appear normal. America needs to wake up and shut their Liberal TV programs off to these progressive Socialists who want to seductively change the hearts and minds of every American citizen, putting their lives, happiness and health in danger.

Author: Diana Milligan



It appears now that so-called sources are only reporters from the Washington Post, New York Times and all other Liberal News Papers, the Liberal TV News stations and Radio stations.

Think about it, if by the Constitution, they do not have to give up their sources, what proves there was ever a source in the first place?

They have been proven false every time and once again today, making up false news that our president who dearly loves our country, gave classified information to the Russians.

Mainstream not reality

Now how would that help our military, who President Trump has proven over and over again that he highly loves? I’ll tell you who this helps. All this false news helps to weaken trust in the American people, it helps to discredit our president and it over shadows the myriad of successful promises fulfilled by our president.

But bigger than all that, these failing News outlets have been making all kinds of money spewing their garbage. People that watch these programs or read their papers or listen to their radio programs help to build these entities’ financial deep pockets and allow themselves to be duped by lying creepy people who call themselves reporters that are constantly throwing out false news.

media corrupt

They are nothing but liars and have no sources but themselves. Evidently, there is no proving anything anymore. All a reporter has to say is, “My source told me!” You can lie, defame and put our country in danger pretending to have a source, all for the almighty buck!

Main stream media - Brain Wash

Imagine if all I had to say was “An anonymous source has told me that they were present when Hillary Clinton pulled out a gun and shot the DNC staffer in Washington DC while driving by?” Hmmmm, How you prove that since the source was anonymous? You can’t. If you can not prove your story, your story should never be told… right? NOT the case with mainstream media! This crap needs to stop now!!!